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All that is gold
does not glitter,
not all those who
wander are lost

Join Application
If you want to join the Dunedain, fill out the form below. Filling out this form does not guarantee admission into the Dunedain. A valid email address is required, but all other fields are optional. Leaving certain fields blank, however, can reduce your chances of being considered.

Character Name:
Character Alignment: Order
Previous Character Names:
Have you played on any other shards for an extended period? Yes
Current Guild (if any):
Your Best 5 Skills:

Plans to improve Dunedain:
What you expect from the Dunedain:
Reason for Joining:
*Email Address:
Additional Info:

Simply requesting in-game or via this form will not guarantee you membership. We are very careful who we admit into this guild. All prospective members will first undergo various "tests" of virtue. Time must be spent with the Dunedain before consideration will be given. We do and have turned players away. We have also kicked out members who changed their ways after becoming a Dunedain. Remember: You have to be right for the guild just as much as the guild has to be right for you. Reading this website thoroughly, however, should give you a fairly good idea of what the guild finds important. Press submit to send us your application!

*Make sure you have a valid (or at least properly formatted) email address or this form will not send.
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