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All that is gold
does not glitter,
not all those who
wander are lost

Important Announcement:
The Ultima Online shard Flinthills has been shut down. The Dunedain have moved to GuildWars and are currently playing under the name Guild Wars Police Department. There are still remnants of the GuildWars guild Rangers of Ithilien [Dune] that was initially founded by us, but it's been abandoned for the sake of a "name change".

If you're interested in the outdated GuildWars website for Dune, visit

If you're interested in Guildwars, visit

If you're interested in finding a great server much like the one Dune was founded on, visit

If you're interested in joining a guild on that server, we recommend The Legion of Valor

The rest of this website will remain intact as it was when the guild was active in UO.

Greetings, Traveler!
Welcome to the website for the Dunedain. We are a growing guild on the Ultima Online shard, Flinthills 3. Our goal is to unite those that follow such virtues as honor, valor, and honesty. Some characteristics of the Dunedain are as follows:
  • Neutral Alignment
  • A Strong History
  • Dedicated Leadership
  • Lasting Friendship
  • An Upcoming Guild Town
We plan to gather the resources and funding to build many structures that will benefit our members. These plans include such structures as:
  • A Fellowship Hall
  • Seaside Docks
  • Stables
  • A Meeting Hall
  • A Crafter's Shop
If you are interested in joining, but aren't sure, read more about us in the About section. If you decide would like to join this guild, please read the Join section. If you are new to Ultima Online or are looking to join Flinthills 3, go to the shard website:

This is a very fun game; the vast number of role-playing characteristics you can assume make for a great experience. Remember that we're all here to enjoy what Ultima Online has to offer. Dunedain members and others alike: Let's keep it all in Fun!
This is a SnowCarve website :)