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All that is gold
does not glitter,
not all those who
wander are lost

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  • Sep 20, 2005

    Because of technical problems, there is currently no Dunedain guild on FH 3.5 and thuss the Dunedain is not currently seeking guildmembers for FH 3.5 at this time. Once there is a change in this status, this news page will be updated.

    Baron Von Zick

  • Jun 02, 2005

    Dear fellow guild members and those interested in joining the Dunedain,

    Because of recent events, I, Baron Von Zick, will be guiding the Dunedain as of June 1, 2005, temporarily, until the time that SnowCarve can rejoin us and once again lead the Dunedain to the greatness that it has been blessed with in the past. The Dundain is still actively seeking members that would uphold the values that we share so deeply in. Untill there is further news; I wish you all a good and prosperous day.

    Baron Von Zick

  • Jun 02, 2005

    I'm handing the guild here on FH3 over to Baron Von Zick who has not only proven to be a valuable member and competant player, but also a great friend to each and every Dunedain. I'll still be around, but will no longer play an active role in the leadership of the guild.


  • Jun 02, 2005

  • Jan 26, 2005

    Although news hasn't been posted in a while, the Dunedain are still quite active. A few days ago we could be seen fighting along side our allies, the ShadowWolves, against the evil forces of an invading orcish army on the island of Occlo.

    The overall skill of our members has been improving. We're slowly developing a list of new craftables, interesting spawn points, and useful loot templates. Indeed, we are finding things few others on the shard have yet to discover.

    The time has come to put our resources to use. Within days, we may, once again, have a town to call home. We must first have a castle around which to center such a town. Until then, we'll keep our scattered houses just that: scattered.

  • Jan 04, 2005

    It's official! The ShadowWolves are back! Shilara Eilserv is the guildmaster, and she has already admitted a few members. Congratulations on starting back up again, ShadowWolves :)

    Schaefer is our newest Dunedain member. We have been gathering resources for him as he has plans on training. He has been offering his taming services to the guild. This is the kind of teamwork we pride ourselves on. Keep it up!

  • Dec 28, 2004

    Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas! We have had fewer players on FH3 as of late probably due to families that might be visiting and new toys that might have been received.

    Jorig, DarkShepard, Leila, and Anduril have all been accepted into the guild. Unfortunately, our guildstone is in such an obscure location we have yet to officially add these members. We'll be resolving this issue in the coming days with any help from the staff.

    Word has it the guild ShadowWolves will be seen again! There are plans to offer an alliance as soon as possible to strengthen both guilds.

  • Dec 22, 2004

    Christmas is soon and Winter Break is in full swing for many of us. We have been given time to play a little more and to build up our skills, not to mention our guild town fund!

    We have been slow to recruit new members due to our strong desire to admit only close friends and those we can rely on. We do have two possible if not likely recruits, and we will be contacting them within a few days.

  • Dec 13, 2004

    Tuesday is going to be a big day for most Dunedain members. That is the day Finals will end for most of us. After this week, certain members will be able to put more time into training, gathering money, and building the guild.

    There are changes happening in the structure of this guild. These changes may not be apparent yet, but we hope to make them clear in the coming branch pages. We do have a plan that goes far beyond public knowledge.

  • Dec 11, 2004

    I have just finished a script that will allow members with the required authority to post news in this section. From this point on you may see news posted by any one of the lords or designated captains. This should help distribute at least one guild responsibility among many.

    In these final hours of testing this website will go public. Players may find links to the Dunedain website in member signatures in the forums and on the guildstone in game. If you know anyone that wants to join the Dunedain, remember to send them to this website first. This is the best source of information for any prospective members.

  • December 10, 2004:

    We finally have a news section. This past week has been the first for Flinthills 3. People are getting settled; players are earning their first few skills and GMs are sorting out the bugs that were not found during beta testing. Things are running according to plan, if not smoothly!

    Right now only SnowCarve and Baron Von Zick are Dunedain members due to shard reverts and timing issues. Pe Ell was in the guild, but a revert changed that. BluePixie will be in the guild once we find a time when both her and a current member can be on at the same time.

    With any luck some of the Dunedain's previous members will come back: Melkor, EPL, and maybe even Anduril. There are hopes of finding some of our other friends including Tilla. Time will tell. Check back later for more updates.
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