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How to submit a screenshot:
  • First of all create one. For those who don't know how, simply press the "print screen" button on the keyboard and then go into a bitmap file and paste it by pressing "Control+V" on the keyboard.
  • Turn the image into a .jpg or .gif image.
  • Make sure the screenshot is compelling or funny.
  • Submit the image along with a short description here.
  • Or if your browser isn't configured to send email, Email a message with a picture attachment to
    That's all. Feel free to browse through our current screeshots listed below. Hold the mouse over an image to get a description of it.

    From Dunedain:

    Ah, this is a classic. Pissing off the PK's as a newbie :)
    What luck! A GM who left his body wandering about!
    Hmm.. Illegal Robes. Fun stuff :)
    I have seen this quite often. Still don't understand it...
    I think the GMs had fun with orc names on this shard. Send in more fun ones if you see them :)
    This is some contest the GMs threw for the worst offit. A few old people shown!
    From submissions:

    This actually happened on FH. Something to do with a GM leaving static items around
    The taker of this screenshot is from OSI. Doesn't see this kinda stuff much :)
    Yes, this contains a Dune member.. but we put this up more for Pumpkin than anyone
    When miners get bored... part one.
    When miners get bored... part two.

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