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    Dunedain Conduct Rules
  • These are the Rules for Dunedain. All these rules are in addition to the Flint Hills Rules posted at All rules are subject to change at anytime without any notice.
    Know and use the Chain of Command
  • Dunedain has been formed in a unique Quad-Cameral structure and a detailed chain of command. This was done in order to reduce corruption in the guild. Under the three Lords, we have the Dunedain Captains. Each of these Captains, in turn, has elected several athoritive positions. Every conflict or problem should be resolved at the lowest level on "The Chain" as possible. Captains are responsible for problems in their branch. If there is a conflict between branches that the two captains cannot resolve, then the Dunedain Lords will oversee. The Dunedain Lords reserve the right to overturn any decision made by captains. In turn, Captains reserve the right to overturn any decision made be their appointed officials. Every Dune member has right to his/her fair say. They can at any time "appeal" to the next level up on the chain of command. However this should be considered hard before doing. If a Dune Lord has to get involved and finds no legitamate to overturn the decision, there will be consequences. We have tried to create a guild with select few players who we don't belive will involve themselves in petty and irreleveant arguements. Dune will not stand devided against itself so i thought it was important to lay out the executive proscess from the start. Hopefully every member in Dune will treat each other with great amounts of respect and honor, and it will rarely be nescesarry to "Pull Rank" on fellow members.
    No Killing Dunedain Guild Members
  • Killing on accident, in pits, or when both members agree is ok. When I say both members agree, I mean no one comes and complains to Dune Staff, if we get involved, that means it wasn't a mutuall agreement. Meaningless and illegitamit killing it not acceptable. This is a serious offense and will more than likely result in one or more of the members involved being released from Dune.
    No Looting off of bodies you didn't take an active role in killing.
  • If you have explicit permission from a person that has claim to the loot, then you don't have to worry about this one.
    No illegitamate guard wacking!
  • Dune and its members will not tollerate provokeing or tricking anyone into attacking you so that you can G-Wack them. Using the assistance of guards is only intended for protection. Therefore guards may only be used if you are in immediate peril.
    Avoid Killing Dune's allies
  • Dune will never require anyone to kill another player. Dune is based on communitive friendship and so we understand the split that can be made against players who join other guilds. We do incourage all members to participate in guild wars, but we do not require it.
    No Begging!
  • Begging, along with cheating and relentless insulteing, lowers the moral of all Dunedain, and Destroys our guild's reputation. Remember, you are at all times representing Dune. Out of respect for your fellow members, please help us maintain a healthy reputation.
    Be Aware of your conduct
  • This is a very fun game, the vast amouts of role-playing and characteristics you can assume make for a great experience. Let's not ruin it for ourselves and everyone else. Let's keep it all in Fun!

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