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The Dunedain


‘Twas the close of the Druid era, before the first coming of Mondain. The mighty king Belnefas ruled the lands of Numenor.

The army of Numenor was just, strong, and unsurpassed. They sought neither chaos nor order upon knowledge of a necessary balance between the opposing forces.

During the height of Belnefas’ reign, evil began to take hold of the lands. Weary travelers returned with ever increasing tales of outlying towns falling to an unknown force of darkness.

Fearing bandits and outlaws, Belnefas sent a detachment of his finest paladins to seek out the source of this evil.

A year passed and there were still no signs of these knights. Belnefas feared the worst but dared not send any more of his people.

More time passed and finally a lone survivor of the long forgotten expedition came bearing tales of the evil known as Mondain. He lived only long enough to warn Numenor of the dark power they were to face.

Within days battle broke out between Numenor and the army of Mondain. Numenor could not sustain the vast loss of warriors and villagers.

Belnefas knew he had but one option: To protect what remained of his people. He evacuated the four remaining strongholds in Numenor to each corner of the world, leaving what was left of the army with him.

Belnefas had but one current goal: to distract the army of Mondain long enough to allow the people of Numenor to scatter throughout the world.

Belnefas’ men put up a fight such as never seen before. Mondain lost more in this battle than in any of the others, however the inevitable fall of the Kingdom of Numenor finally came.

With the loss of Numenor’s army came the death of Belnefas.

Time passed and a stranger came to the lands of Sosaria. Shattering the gem of immortality, he proved a savior to the people of the lands. However, Sosaria remained in the grip of the gem’s power. Numenor’s people were scattered throughout each new world created by the destruction of the gem. Looking to rebuild the society of Numenor, the people began to reunite under the only remaining descendant of King Belnefas. These people, now calling themselves the Dunedain, sought only to rebuild the life with all those that they once lived with and trusted so well.

Presently, the Dundain society has settled on the world of FlintHills under the leadership of SnowCarve. We seek out new members always in hopes of finding those that were lost to the ages.