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Updated Files for Download:
File Name Size Description
Flinthills.ZIP 494KB This file will unzip the client version 1.26.4 and is nececary to play on Flinthills. Some variations of this client version can be found elsewhere. Flinthills will soon update to client version 2.
Login.ZIP 1KB This file will unzip the Login.cfg file containing the IP address for Flinthills. Simply put this in your Ultima Online folder.
Hues.ZIP 87KB Hues adds new colors to ultima that you initially can only see as black or grey.
Verdata.ZIP 1068KB This replaces the older verdata, it changes the color of the paperdoll and HMS box. It will look like an imitation wood color. Make sure you back up the old one in case you dont like this one.
Original UO Files
In case you don't like the effect of the updated files
File Name Size Description
Original Hues---This will make all the new colors appear grey, black, or sparkely. The only use I can see in having the old hues is that you will be able to see what your appearance is to those without the new hues.
858KBThis will bring the colors in the character screen and in other places back to the origional grey. Other things may change as well.
3rd Party Programs
We won't get many of these.. and will stay away from macro programs.
File Name Size Description
Inside UO263KBGood for server admins and GMs. This program breaks down the animations, items, and sounds of the game. This has also helped with lots of the artwork for this website :)