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Rangers of Milena -- Eternal Myst Shard -- Established *date* -- "Strength of the forest, heart of the land"
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12/05- Welcome to the new Rangers of Milena Guild Website. This website will have information for guildmembers and for those seeking information about the guild. There may also be some strategy guides thrown in for those of you who are interested. This website is still under construction. If you see any problems with it (aside from links not working) please send an email to '' describing the error so that the problem can be fixed as soon as possible. It may be helpful if your browser type and version is included in case the problem is due to a compatability error.
If you seek to join our ranks, please view the 'join' section of this website for further information. We are always in search of virtuous players that are willing to include themselves in our cause as Rangers of Milena.