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Rangers of Milena -- Eternal Myst Shard -- Established *date* -- "Strength of the forest, heart of the land"
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Through many centuries in the elven land of Milena, there roamed grim-faced Men clothed in cloaks of forest-green or grey, with clasps like silver stars on their left shoulders. They were grey-eyed, armed with bows, rapiers and spears, and they wore long leather boots. By common folk of Milena they were called rangers, and they were thought to be strange but kind folk. For though they wandered over all lands of north on foot or small shaggy horses, they did so silently and mostly unseen. Indeed few knew who these tough, weather-worn Ranger were, or from whence they came. But, as the red book of Westmatch reveals, the Rangers were infact the last nobles and knights of the once great elven realm of Milena and their chieftain was the king of the elven realm.

As the power of the woodelven kingdom shrunk, their numbers diminished to near nothingness and their ranks where scattered across the vast lands of north. So it came to be that the Ranger High Lord Hurin brought together the remains of the ranger forces that were once so strong.

And so the guild of the Rangers of Milnea was formed. A guild for all rangers to call as their home. For tales of battle and glory to be told, and for products and the lore of the woods to be exchanged. For the young to master their skill in the knowledge and the lore of the land.

So all you wandering Ranger folk, young and foolharted as well as those with the wisdom of old. Now you have a place to call your own. And I assure you that I, High lord Hurin, will do the best I can on your behalf, as long as you keep the name of the rangers pure and untainted by selfish and unspiritual acts. For you must always remember that a true ranger doesn't take sides where no side need be taken. And a true ranger helps anyone in need of help according to the calling of his or her spirituality.

Oh now.... I hear the woodland calling with the sweetest of sounds.... I must away my friend.... away to the forest so green, but heed me well Ranger friend, we'll meet again in the forest of Milena where the songs of thine gory will sweeten the air.